Hi! I’m Ankitaa

I am a work-from-home Entrepreneur in India.

AnksImage is my Digital Marketing company I launched back in 2008, and now I work in Digital Marketing strategies for brands in India, USA, UK and China. I started as a web designer and content writer, and slowly added search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing, as well as branding to my portfolio. Armed with this unique set of digital marketing strategies, I plan, create, track, and analyse successful digital marketing campaigns for clients who employ my expertise. I also train professionals in digital marketing concepts.

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To connect with me, send me an email at agd (at) anksimage (dot) com, or visit the following links:

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My Story so far..

I started my career back in 2003 by volunteering my web design skills locally at the Keweenaw Family Research Center in Houghton, MI (USA). Once I graduated in 2004, I joined Softpath Systems LLP in Atlanta, GA (USA) and they placed me with Fisher-Price, East Aurora (NY) in Business Intelligence reporting with Cognos. I’ve been in love with NYS, especially Manhattan, ever since!

Now I live in Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), about 247 kms from New Delhi. And before you think I’m near Dehradun, let me clarify I’m near Nainital. Dehradun is also about 250 kms away from me. Most of my clients feel I live in the middle of nowhere, but this is home for me, and my family. I lived in Delhi for a couple of years, and I loved it. But when my daughter was born in 2013, I decided to keep her away from the city. That’s when I turned work-from-home exclusively.

I now run AnksImage, and also an offset-printing factory, alongside a partnership with my husband in a corrugated boxes manufacturing enterprise locally. I am the unofficial editor and soon-to-be official publisher of my father’s books. I love getting immersed in the different worlds offered by books and movies. Nowadays I’m trying to be more healthy in life, and want to get into app development soon. And maybe write a novel too!

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