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6-minute seo guide ankitaagdHere is my 6-minute SEO guide to help you tweak and upgrade your site within minutes. But remember, SEO – search engine optimisation – is an ongoing process. There are many ways to enhance your website for the search engines and this 6-minute SEO guide is just the beginning.

Say Yes! to Search Engines

Check your htaccess and robots files to ensure there is nothing in it that disallows search engines to read your website.

Meta Tags

Check and add (change) tags like keywords, description, expires, language, and so on as per your site’s online strategy.

ALT Images

Spider bots sent by the search engines can not read images. So add ALT and title tags to images across your website to give them the required information.

Make It Easy to Read

Maybe you are blogging on the payload fairing of spacecrafts, that doesn’t mean you confuse the reader with too much technical jargon. Use simple language.

H1 Headings

Use h1 heading ONCE per page to help search bots understand the main focus of that particular page.

Length of Blog Posts

To be on the safe side, make sure there is meaningful and user-friendly text of at least 300 words in a page.

Extra Extra Extra

Make content the first priority. That means, no duplicate content, and certainly no copied content. Your content should provide an enjoyable reading experience for your readers.

In Conclusion

This 6-minute SEO guide can help you tweak your website within 6 minutes. Try it for the success of your online efforts. And remember, SEO is an ongoing process. You can’t expect results instantly. It will take months for any results – good or bad – to show up related to the SEO work you’re doing now. Be patient. For more help, stay tuned for my upcoming posts.

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