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how-to-choose-your-social-media-tool social-media ankitaagdFacebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, the list goes on. Which social media tool or platform should you choose for your business? Answer my questions and you’ll know how to choose your social media tool.

How to Choose your Social Media tool – the Checklist

You can take this as a checklist, or regard it as a questionnaire. Whichever way, answer these simple questions to decide which social media tool you should be using for maximum benefit to your business.

Can you relay your thoughts within 140 characters?

Twitter is great to use but only for those who can relay their thoughts within 140 characters. It’s tough for those who need more words. If you believe you can do a good job writing meaningful sentences within 140 characters, Twitter is the best tool you can use. You can post directly to Twitter, or use scheduling tools like HootSuite, Buffer, TweetDeck, etc. And the best part is you can get Twitter Analytics within your own account in Twitter, no need to look anywhere else.

If you are in doubt about the limit of 140 characters, then Twitter is NOT for you. Let’s move on.

What is your brand – you or your business?

If you are looking for online presence as a business person, create a LinkedIn profile and connect with people within your industry. Look for work, enhance your abilities, or simply increase your online presence, LinkedIn will do it in a no-nonsense manner. You will come across as a professional who needs to be taken seriously.

I won’t say much about LinkedIn company pages because in my experience those haven’t been much of a tool to increase your online presence. You can create a LinkedIn company page but I believe Facebook Pages work much better.

If you are looking for online presence as a business, you want to increase the popularity of your business, your best bet is Facebook Pages. Forget LinkedIn.

Are you an artist?

If you are an artist, you can use Facebook Pages or Google+ Pages. However, keep in mind that if you want to schedule your messages, there are many more scheduling tools available for Facebook Pages, rather than Google+ Pages. And Facebook Insights really help you in the long run. Although I use both, I like Facebook Pages much better.

However, do remember scheduling posts in applications other than Facebook Pages can affect the post user engagement sometimes.

In Conclusion

All 4 social media apps that I’ve described above are easy to use, and there are millions of help available online for each and every tool. Whether you are posting by yourself, or getting someone in your company to post for you, take some time to answer these above questions, and then decide upon your social media tool. And if you are still unsure of how to choose your social media tool, drop me a line anytime.

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