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how to write articles ankitaagdWriting great content is fun. Sometimes it’s difficult to get your brain juices brewing. And sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the speed at which the words rush in. Here’s how to write articles anytime.

Plan Ahead

If you’re a content writer like me, you have to write 2-5 articles every day, if not more. So you can’t waste time researching and figuring out what to write about. This means you need to plan ahead.

List out the broad categories you usually write about (or as per your latest job requirements), and then simple rake your brains to jot down the titles related to each category that you would want to write about.

Go through the list a few times and add/remove titles as per your understanding. This minimises your total work time per article by at least 40-50%.

Outline First

Next, for every title, jot down the headings and sub-headings for the article – that’s the outline of your article. Don’t forget to define a clear call-to-action.

Assuming you know the length of the article, start writing under each heading and sub-heading. Write it all down, what you think should be written, as per your research, knowledge, experience and expertise. Don’t proofread now. Take the next step..

Sleep on it!

Leave your work overnight. Sleep on it. The next morning, go back to your work and then proofread. Check for spelling and grammar errors. Credit your sources correctly. And check your word limit.

In Conclusion

Writing content can feel like a cumbersome task, so using my tips on how to write articles can prove to be a godsend. There are of course many more tips you can utilise to write great content, but for beginners, this is a good place to start.

Ankitaa can craft great content as per your specific needs. Contact us with your requirements.

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