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how to write reviews ankitaagdWriting reviews is about conveying your personal opinion to the audience in an effective manner. Here’s my take on how to write reviews – genuinely useful reviews. I often use this template to write my reviews.

If you are just getting started as a writer, have a look at my article – How to Write Articles – before jumping into how to write reviews.

Title of the Article

Choose a title that conveys what you are reviewing and build some mystery to attract the audience to continue reading. If you are posting online, do a Google Search on the review and then go through the different titles. Take ideas, but do NOT copy.

Body of the Article

Remember, this is a template on how to write reviews. Usually there are a few points, good or bad, you would like to mention within your review, say one primary point and 3 secondary points why you love (or hate) whatever you are reviewing.

Start with the primary point. And throw in the secondary points in the mix. Be sure to break up the body into 2-3 paragraphs (or more) as per the points you would like to discuss.

Conclusion of the Article

For the concluding paragraph of your review, do a short recap of what you’ve discussed above. Inform what the readers should (or could) do after reading your information.And don’t say something is good just because some other person reviewed it good. Do your research and then write about it. Be honest.

In Conclusion

This template on how to write reviews is a very basic one. You are free to change it as per your liking and understanding. Better yet, read it a couple of times and then write it in your own words so that you get a feel of writing reviews in your own style.

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