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web-design ankitaagdWeb trends are many. Some stick, some buzz by. One of the web trends that “stuck” is responsive web design. It continues to be one of the hottest web trends even today, though it was developed a few years ago.

What is Responsive Web Design?

The term – responsive web design – itself was coined, and largely developed by Ethan Marcotte. In its simplest form, responsive web design means a web pages adjusts itself according to the screen size of whichever device you’re using to access it, be it desktop computer, tablet, cellphone, or something similar.

Take this very page, for example. Even if you open this page on your smartphone, you will get access to all its components – no more, no less.

Why Should You Care?

Earlier, websites were designed to display on desktop computers and laptops. Then “lighter” versions of websites were created called mobile websites.

Now with mobile internet usage likely to surpass desktop and laptop internet usages, responsive web design incorporates design features that enables any web page to respond quickly to the type of device used and adjust its display without compromising the content, thus giving the reader a natural reading experience.

If your customer is using mobile devices more, as compared to other devices, you need RWD immediately to NOT lose those customers, and enable them for a quick and comfortable sale online.

In Conclusion

Responsive web design is definitely not a new concept, but it certainly is a more developer-friendly one. Why bother to create multiple versions of the same website when you can use a combination of flexible layouts, media queries and flexible media to enable web pages to continually and fluidly change based on the device used? Think about it.

Ankitaa can develop a professional responsive web design enabled website to present your business in the best possible way online. Contact us with your requirements.

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