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web design ankitaagdWeb design is relatively easy if you’re accustomed to some type of programming, even if it might not be HTML or CSS. Even if you’re just interested in web designing but not programming-savvy, it’s enough to get started.

What is Web Design?

The process of launching a web page online from the initial stages of requirements, analysis, planning, designing, development and testing is called Web Design. You can use a plethora of tools to achieve this, or you can simply use a mix of HTML and CSS (and images created/modified in Adobe Photoshop) to accomplish this.

Designing web pages is exciting because almost every day there are new technologies and best practices cropping up to challenge you (and sometimes rain on your parade). And with the advent of the importance of search engines, there’s nothing more effective than a update to Google’s search engine algorithm to put the fear of God in the hearts of web designers.

Pre-Requisites for Web Design

I hail from North East India, where school programs used to be of more humble structure as compared to the rest of India. So the first time I even touched a computer was when I started my Engineering classes in Manipal. It was a class for C programming and barring myself, EVERYONE knew what that was. Fast forward 2 years later and I was working on my first website project for the Keeweenaw Family Resource Center in Houghton, Michigan (USA).

How did I do that?

The main reason I accomplished this was because I was fascinated with websites and the behind-the-scenes work associated with it. I was a strictly okay programmer, as far as my Computer Engineering courses were concerned, but when it came to web development, I took the initiative and most of the time learnt things on my own.

And of course, the second reason was that this girl from Assam can kick a$$ too ;)

So, to recap:

You need to have a passion for web development, and all things website if you choose this line of work. And of course, a technical background (specially with one that involves a lot of programming languages like mine) helps.

Web Design with HTML

HTML is the programming language for web pages. To get the latest in HTML programming language, visit and use the examples to learn all things HTML by yourself. At this time, I’m compiling an ebook to make it more easier for you to get started in web design, but till then, here are my tips when you start designing web pages:

» Plan a page that is easy to look at. Choose colors, borders, white-space (or blank space), overall layout which is pleasing to the eye. Search online to get inspired but DO NOT COPY!!

» Always define the elements in a web page properly. Define the language, author, keyword, description, html version, doctype, and so on. For example, code “<"html lang="en-US" ">” to specify the language instead of just typing “<"html">“.

» Test your code with online validator tools found easy via Google Search. This ensures you are following the latest HTML and best practices associated with HTML.

Web Design with CSS

Did you know you can animate visual elements without JavaScript and just CSS? Yes, CSS is really flexible and developer-friendly. Use it to give your web pages a unique look. My ebook on Web Design with CSS is coming up soon!

Here are my tips for using CSS:

» Use inline CSS if it’s a small code. Use external CSS file only when the code gets too complex to be included within an already complicated sheet of code.

» Test your media queries on Google Chrome’s Inspect tool and then go live. It will save you hours of coding and re-coding.

» Refrain from using fixed pixel sizes like px. Instead use em, rem, % and so on. Elements defined in these units will cause you less pain in the mobile-testing phase.

In Conclusion

Web design is an art. It’s exciting and a whole lot satisfying only if you’re inclined towards all things websites. Use your passion for websites to make a successful career. l be coming up with more help on this once my ebooks are ready. Until that time, visit this site again for more tips and tricks, and comment below, if you’ve got any question.

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